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A city which is more than three hundred years old has history and heritage adorned in every corner. Kolkata, erstwhile Calcutta, has seen changes and experienced growth; once comprised of three villages, it is now a huge urban conglomeration. The city is the seventh most populous city (2011) in the country with one of the highest density of population. The ever-rising civic needs of more than 4.6 million people is catered by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC).
KMC is responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration of the city, which covers an area around 200.71 km2 and is divided into 144 administrative wards that are grouped into 16 boroughs. KMC takes pride in managing a city having a 10 million (resident and floating combined) population, supplying 350 MGD to 5 million people, clearing 4000 MT of solid waste per day along with other services. In the last few years, KMC has brought about a phenomenal change in Kolkata by up-gradation of basic infrastructure, revamping administrative processes and introducing innovative strategies for improved delivery of citizen services.


Kolkata Environmental Improvement Investment Program (KEIIP) aims at integrating different urban sub-sectors to improve the overall urban environment and quality of life for the citizens of Kolkata by increasing the quality and sustainability of water supply and sewerage operations in the city. ADB’s multi-tranche financing facility (MFF) finances the program through a series of loans. KMC has been implementing the Tranche-1 of KEIIP from 2014 to 2019 (i.e. in 60 months); subsequently implement Tranche-2 and Tranche-3 during the same period between 2014 and 2022.
Presently the Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 overlaps each other, as KMC succeeds to implement all tranches and achieves the loan covenants till date. Thus, while the concluded KEIP focused on the sewerage and drainage sub-sector in the outer areas of the city, KEIIP (all tranches taken together) would not only continue improving and extending sewerage and drainage systems, but would also include a substantial water supply sub-sector component, capacity development, improved customer relationship, stakeholder participation and financial management improvement.

KEIIP's objective within 2023

  • Rehabilitation of inefficient and outdated water supply assets to minimize operational cost, restoration and enhancement of production capacities and reduction of water loss in distribution
  • Construction of sewer & drainage network in newly developed areas
  • Development of financial management and project implementation capacity
  • Goals

    1. Water Loss Management
    2. 100% sewerage & drainage coverage
    3. 100% sewage treatment and recycle whenever possible
    4. Capacity enhancement for efficient water supply operations
    5. Establishment of "Utility Finance Improvement Unit"

    Organogram - KEIIP


    Total Cost Involvement of the Project-KEIIP
    (Amount in USD Million)

    Tranche 1

    ADB GOWB KMC Total
    $100 $26 $14 $140

    Tranche 2

    ADB GOWB KMC Total
    $200 $55.9 $30.1 $286

    Tranche 3

    ADB GOWB KMC Total
    $100 $26 $14 $140
    • What our Stakeholders say

      KEIIP brought in sewerage pipeline connections and the drains are now covered with proper roads. Earlier the alleys would be flooded, with the slightest of downpours. The drain water would flood the roads and the whole area would be swampy and wet. Now, rain water does not stand and the roads remain dry. There are less mosquitoes and flies and hence less number of people suffer from diarrhea, dengue or malaria in my area.

      Sanaka Naskar, 48 Resident - Ward 129
    • What our Stakeholders say

      I am very much excited that such a great initiative is being undertaken by KEIIP & KMC and the long standing problem of water logging in our locality will be gone forever. However, in the process, we too have suggestions and queries and I am really happy to see that the contractors maintain a complaint record register and their status are monitored. Soon there will be no waterlogging in my neighbourhood.

      -Kalyani Ganguli,Resident- Ward 122