Salient Features of KEIIP

  • Construction of about 200 Km (total area of Tr. 1 & Tr. 2) sewer network, which includes laying of approximate 8.9 Km sewer line by introducing Micro-tunnelling method (Except SD 22 and TR-3 packages).
  • Construction of 3 new Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) & rehabilitation of one STP
  • Construction of 12 new pumping station & augmentation of one pumping station.
  • Installation of about 85,700 new sewer house connections.
  • Introduction of 1,15,000 Water Meters to control water wastage by implementation of Water Loss Management (WLM) in two pilot zones covering about 21 sq. km., establishing about 60000 house connections.
  • Establishing round the clock quality water supply network in three zones of Kolkata (Cossipore, East Kolkata and Joka).
  • Reduction of Non Revenue Water (NRW) in KMC service area from 50% to 25% (2015 baseline around 50%)
  • Construction of about 375 km water line including laying of 5 km (approx.) water line by micro tunnelling method.
  • Construction of one Water Treatment Plant (WTP).
  • Construction of 3 new Under Ground Reservoir (UGR) & 9 Elevated Service Reservoir (ESR).
  • Rehabilitation of two intake jetty.
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) based Web Enabled Integrated Infrastructure Information System – (WEIIIS) for managing infrastructure of KMC and to establish business process for infrastructures Management and Planning. WEIIIS is for urban planning and utilities, operation & maintenance in water distribution and S & D Networks.
  • Door to door survey of all consumer to identify the assesse numbers, address and geo tagging the properties for efficient management of property tax collection resulting in higher revenue generation.
  • What our Stakeholders say

    KEIIP brought in sewerage pipeline connections and the drains are now covered with proper roads. Earlier the alleys would be flooded, with the slightest of downpours. The drain water would flood the roads and the whole area would be swampy and wet. Now, rain water does not stand and the roads remain dry. There are less mosquitoes and flies and hence less number of people suffer from diarrhea, dengue or malaria in my area.

    Sanaka Naskar, 48 Resident - Ward 129
  • What our Stakeholders say

    I am very much excited that such a great initiative is being undertaken by KEIIP & KMC and the long standing problem of water logging in our locality will be gone forever. However, in the process, we too have suggestions and queries and I am really happy to see that the contractors maintain a complaint record register and their status are monitored. Soon there will be no waterlogging in my neighbourhood.

    -Kalyani Ganguli,Resident- Ward 122