Water Supply-Benefits from KEIIP work

Tranche 1 - Status of Implementation Progress *

Water production capacity restored to 1,478 mld4 km of trunk main laid. Works for non revenue water reduction in the pilot area is under progress. District Metering areas (DMAs) identified. 6 DMAs completed and commissioned. 92 kms of water supply pipes laid till now.The household water meters are being installed in the identified district metering areas of the pilot area. 7,395 household water meters installed so far.The draft notification is under preparation.Being complied with.Ongoing. Out of 4 sub projects, 3 Sub projects completed and WS01 was shifted from TR 1 to TR 2 on 01.07.2020.

Performance Based Contract for Water Loss Management (WLM) in the Cossipore Service Zone

Physical Progress
PKG Shifted to TR2

Main components

i. Establishment of District Water Meter Areas in ward numbers 1 to 6

ii. Providing DI k9 grade pipes between 100mm to 700mm diameter

iii. Providing and supplying Polyethylene Pipes of assorted diameters

iv. Supply and installation of various types of valves of assorted diameters

v. Supply and Installation of Domestic Water Meter and Bulk Meters of assorted diameters.

vi. Water loss reduction (NRW) and management services and Operation and Maintenance for a period of 3 years

For WS 01 pkg, the date of commencement has been considered according to the date on which the pkg. was shifted from TR 1 to TR 2.

Rehabilitation and Refurbishment of Water Works at Palta and Garden Reach

Physical Progress

Main components

i. Rehabilitation of Raw Water Intake jetty No. 2 at Palta

ii. Rehabilitation of Raw Water intake jetty No. 1 at Garden Reach

iii. Construction of 20 MGD (90 MLD) New Water Treatment Plant at Palta

iv. Laying of 160 m (MS Pipe 1200 mm dia.) pipeline for Raw Water

v. Laying of tentative 70 m (MS pipe 1200 mm dia.) pipeline for Clear Water from filter water collection chamber to existing delivery chamber.

vi. Construction of New Road, culvert and Others Works at Palta WTP premises

Supply and Installation of pumps and motors at Tallah, Palta system and Garden Reach system

Physical Progress

Main components

i. Replacement of 2 Pumps and 2 Motors at Palta

ii. Replacement of 1 Pump and 3 Motors at Tallah

iii. Replacement of 7 Pumps and 3 Motors at Garden Reach Water Works.

iv. Replacement of 18 Valves at Palta, 26 Valves at Garden Reach and 10 Valves at Tallah system.

Laying of Water Trunk Main from Garden Reach Water Works to Taratala Valve Station

Physical Progress

Main components

i. Construction of 13 Nos. Shafts

ii. Supplying and Laying of 1829 mm dia MS water main – 4.0 Km

iii. Supply of Butterfly valves of 21 Nos. of 300 – 1800 mm

* The above mentioned progress has been updated as per report till 30th September 2022.