Dear Fellow Citizens,

In this era of awareness, steps towards a better environment, clean governance and change Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) thrives every day to make Kolkata a better place. KMC aspires to see Kolkata as a clean and attractive city of international standard where all people have access to quality services.
Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration of the city of Kolkata, which covers an area around 200.71 km 2 and is divided into 144 administrative wards that are grouped into 16 boroughs. KMC takes pride in managing a city having a 10 million (resident, floating and institutional and commercial combined) population, supplying 350 MGD to 5 million people, clearing 4000 MT of solid waste per day along with other services.

To safeguard citizens’ rights in a modern metro city, improve the quality of life and to arrest environmental degradation, Kolkata Environmental Improvement Project (KEIP) was started in 2002, and a better Kolkata started happening. In the last few years, KMC has brought about a phenomenal change in Kolkata by up-gradation of basic infrastructure, revamping administrative processes and introducing innovative strategies for improved delivery of citizen services.

Based on which, both KMC and ADB, aspire to continue their combined efforts to improve the urban environment and living conditions in Kolkata. ADB’s multi- tranche financing facility (MFF) has been used to finance the program through a series of loans; under KEIP initially and now rechristened with the Kolkata Environmental Infrastructure Improvement Project (KEIIP) for the period scheduled to end by year 2023. The project under KEIIP consists of total of three tranches and for an additional time period approved as nine (9) years effective from 2014 to 2023. Kolkata started changing for better and the results could be seen& benefits enjoyed.

KEIIP has planned to integrate the different urban sub-sectors aiming to improve the overall urban environment and improve quality of life of the citizens of Kolkata. The outcome of the project will increase the quality and sustainability of water supply and sewerage operations in the city. We, at KMC, believe that the outcome of KEIIP would allow healthy living standards and better access to basic facilities for the urban population concerning water supply and sanitation facilities, esp. in the peripheral areas of KMC.

During work in different wards, although utmost precautions are taken, there may be instances of some hindrances that affect our daily life. And, we are hopeful that as well concerned, law abiding citizens you will bear with us for the time being for a better future….a better Kolkata.

I sincerely invite all of you to join hands with KEIIP and help make this city boast of world class sewerage and drainage services, aspire to have 24 x 7 water supply and a clean, green and better environment to live in. Without your active involvement and participation, such dream can never be fulfilled.
As always, wishing you all the best.

Hon'ble Mayor
Kolkata Municipal Corporation